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Youth in Transition Toolkit:


Hands-on tools

Below are stories and commonly-accessed tools to use and share with youth and their families to help them explore, prepare for and transition to their best adult lives.

Additional tools, activities and information to share with families and youth can be found throughout the Engage families and Support youth sections of this toolkit. Look for them in the "DO" areas in the pages within these sections.

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Plan and coordinate

Use these tools to support person-centered planning and coordination.

The Transition/Pre-ETS Inventory (PDF) is a tool that can completed during the youth planning process, in a meeting with the youth, family, and other support team members. It allows for the identification and prioritization of the youth’s strengths and needs and which learning stage or stages they are at within each of the transition/Pre-ETS topics.

The youth could be supported in uploading the completed inventory into their My Vault account and then sharing with their support team.

With a My Vault account, a person can complete employment activities as well as store and share relevant documents with their employment support team. This helps support professionals coordinate and deliver employment services that meet the person's needs.

A screenshot of the My Vault web page.
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Share stories

Share the videos below to promote person-to-person learning and connections.

Watch these five videos about:

Hear what young people have to say about independent living and what they did to prepare for it:

Independent Living


Hear from young people about how they went about finding their jobs and why employment is an important part of living their best lives.



Learn from young people with disabilities who have found success in postsecondary education or training, opening new doors and supporting their ultimate goals after high school.

Postsecondary Education and Training


Listen as young people describe different environments and experiences where they advocated for themselves in work, in school and with family.



Services and supports
Learn about the different ways young people were supported to be successful during their journey to adulthood.

Services and Supports


Explore the experiences of these 14 young people:

A new direction in college leads Andrew to explore more options, make connections and find a career where he is making a difference.

Andrew’s Story


With support from Vocational Rehabilitation Services and friends and family, Bailey gets the opportunities he needs to figure out what's best for him.

Bailey’s Story


Camilo turns his passion for cooking into a ‘beautiful life’ through work experience, postsecondary education and continued support of coworkers, friends and family.

Camilo’s Story


Listening to his inner voice and paying attention to his passions leads Dupree to explore his talent of supporting others with disabilities through the creative arts.

Dupree’s Story


Positive experiences with mentors, job search support, and understanding how to request accommodations have enhanced Ethan’s personal achievements and helped him become a software engineer.

Ethan’s Story


With a passion for self advocacy, and knowing herself well enough to ask for supports when needed, Hannah reached her goals after high school: college, employment and living independently.

Hannah’s Story


Early success with high school job experience set Joe on the road to a career in computer networking and living independently.

Joe’s Story


Opportunities to learn and practice how to advocate for himself, and meeting short- and long term goals, have made José-Daniel confident he can achieve his dream job in the railroad industry.

José-Daniel’s Story


A love of learning, a bigger dream, and supportive mentors point Kevin toward a career as an systems engineer, and a life giving back and supporting others.

Kevin’s Story


Exploration and recognition of interests and strengths, together with work experiences and strong family support, help Michael grow into his new role as a professional who advocates for himself and asks for what he needs.

Michael G.’s Story


A passion for the performing arts, a 'can do' spirit, job search supports and perseverance combine to foster Michael's independence and career as an actor.

Michael W.’s Story


With a focus on strengths, an interest in healthcare, and on-campus support services in college, Mitchell finds a purpose-giving career that is just the right fit.

Mitchell’s Story


Trying new things and taking new opportunities—together with family support, the right accommodations and self-advocacy—set the stage for Riss's career helping everyone experience the outdoors.

Riss’s Story


By overcoming fears, learning from mistakes, and speaking up for accommodations, TK turns a love for helping people and working as a team into a successful and meaningful life.

TK’s Story


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