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Youth in Transition Toolkit:


Hands-on tools

Below are stories and commonly-accessed tools to use and share with youth and their families to help them explore, prepare for and transition to their best adult lives.

Additional tools, activities and information to share with families and youth can be found throughout the Engage families and Support youth sections of this toolkit. Look for them in the "DO" areas in the pages within these sections.

Plan and coordinate

Use these tools to support person-centered planning and coordination.

The Transition/Pre-ETS Inventory (PDF) is a tool that can completed during the youth planning process, in a meeting with the youth, family, and other support team members. It allows for the identification and prioritization of the youth’s strengths and needs and which learning stage or stages they are at within each of the transition/Pre-ETS topics.

The youth could be supported in uploading the completed inventory into their My Vault account and then sharing with their support team.

With a My Vault account, a person can complete employment activities as well as store and share relevant documents with their employment support team. This helps support professionals coordinate and deliver employment services that meet the person's needs.

A screenshot of the My Vault web page.

Share stories

Share the videos below to promote person-to-person learning and connections.

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