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Youth in Transition Toolkit:


In(ter)dependent living

Community living


Where will the youth live after high school?

Home is about exploring housing options and then eventually selecting and getting settled into a residence. Living independently can take place in a variety of settings, whether a person owns or rents their own house or apartment, lives with others (with or without supports), or remains in the family home.

  • Awareness: Understand available housing options.
  • Exploration: Identify strengths, preferences, interests and needs related to housing.
  • Preparation: Practice skills related to making housing decisions.
  • Implementation: Obtain housing and get settled.

Workplace readiness training

Lightbulb LEARN

LEARN: Develop your knowledge

Learn how to support youth in exploring housing options.

To learn about housing options, explore Disability Hub MN and Housing Benefits 101 (HB101).

Disability Hub MN


Resources DO

DO: Work with youth

Find resources to help youth explore housing options.

To teach youth about housing options and to explore ways to pay for housing, review Housing: Starting the journey from the PACER Center.

My Vault housing paths help youth set a housing budget and build a housing plan.  

Assign the appropriate activity to help youth explore and set goals for their community life. After each activity, discuss how they can use the results to build a plan to reach their goals and advocate for what they want. 

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