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Youth in Transition Toolkit:



Skills for success

Build job readiness skills

Does the youth have job readiness skills?

Job readiness skills include:

  • Initiative, flexibility and problem solving
  • Positive attitude
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Willingness to learn (and ask for help) when needed
  • Self-discipline, integrity, punctuality and time management
  • Ability to accept feedback and complete tasks accurately
  • Safety basics and proper handling of tools, material, data and money
  • Awareness: Understand job readiness skills and their importance in the work environment.
  • Exploration: Identify personal strengths, preferences, interests, and needs related to job readiness skills.
  • Preparation: Practice job readiness skills at home, school and in the community.
  • Implementation: Apply job readiness skills on the job.

Workplace readiness training

Lightbulb LEARN

LEARN: Develop your knowledge

Learn how to help youth build job readiness skills.

Workplace readiness training from the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition features a collection of activities to help youth practice key work skills. 

Resources DO

DO: Work with youth

Find resources to help youth build job readiness skills.

  • Do they wake up in the morning and get started on their own?
  • Can they prioritize tasks that need to be accomplished?
  • Do they have a method for organizing their work and keeping track of assignments and deadlines?
  • Can they break large tasks or assignments into smaller, more manageable components?
  • Do they procrastinate on their schoolwork to the point that assignments are not done well or at all?

The Utah Education Network offers:

Use Virginia's workplace readiness skills for the commonwealth to introduce or reinforce understanding of workplace readiness skills in the classroom.

The workplace readiness skills toolkit from the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Center on Transition Innovations provides educators and families the tools needed to reinforce workplace readiness skills at home. You can download the complete toolkit or individual activity sheets.

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