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Youth in Transition Toolkit:

Support youth

The transition to adulthood is marked by a range of new roles and responsibilities. Help the youth you support navigate the transition.

Work with youth to identify their strengths and needs within the learning expectations of the Youth in Transition Framework. During the youth planning process, use the Transition/Pre-ETS Inventory (PDF) to identify which learning stage or stages a youth is at within each learning/Pre-ETS topic, and together decide which topics will be prioritized.

From there, reference this section of the toolkit for more information and ideas to help in implementing services and supports.

  • My best life
    To reinforce self-determination and provide motivation during transition planning, help youth build a vision for their best life.

  • In(ter)dependent living
    Help youth progress toward successfully managing adult life in their community—from money management to community living and daily life.

  • Employment
    Guide youth toward competitive integrated employment.

  • Postsecondary education and training
    Counsel youth about the possibility of postsecondary education and training.

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