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Youth in Transition Toolkit:



The job process

How to leave a job

Does the youth know how to properly end employment?

Sometimes a position is no longer a good fit. Encourage youth to stay on good terms when ending employment, including submitting a resignation letter that explains the reason for leaving the job.

  • Awareness: Understand how to determine the need to leave a job appropriately.
  • Exploration: Identify strengths, preferences, interests and needs for identifying sources for leaving a job appropriately.
  • Preparation: Practice using appropriate sources for leaving a job.
  • Implementation: Use skills for leaving a job.

Workplace readiness training

Lightbulb LEARN

LEARN: Develop your knowledge

Learn how to support youth in leaving a job.

Indeed offers tips for how to quit a job in a professional manner, including strategies for providing verbal resignation notice to an employer, writing a resignation letter and preparing coworkers for departure.

Resources DO

DO: Work with youth

Find resources to help youth leave a job.

Review how to quit a job in a professional manner from Indeed, and then talk with youth about how to approach leaving a job (including verbal resignation notice and a formal resignation letter).

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