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Youth in Transition Toolkit:


Activate families

Building responsibility and skills

It's never too soon to begin building responsibility and new skills. Encourage families to start early.

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LEARN: Develop your knowledge

Learn how families can help their child build responsibility and skills.

Employment skills include understanding what's expected of an employee and knowing how to show responsibility and motivation on the job. Building responsibility may seem like a difficult task for youth with high support needs, but it simply implies that a youth work hard and be expected to do the best they can. Part of learning responsibility is trying new things and handling failure.

Families may be apprehensive to hold their child accountable for their effort and behavior, but this accountability is an important part of building work skills. Youth should be assigned chores at home and be expected to complete assigned school work. At home, youth can also practice soft skills (the interpersonal skills needed for work and in life). 

At home, encourage families to work with their child on:

  • Maintaining personal appearance
  • Communicating so others can understand
  • Showing personal responsibility
  • Taking direction
  • Having enthusiasm and a good attitude
  • Speaking up for what's important to and for them
Resources DO

DO: Work with families

Help families build a child's responsibility and skills.

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