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Youth in Transition Toolkit:


In(ter)dependent living

To help youth progress toward successfully managing adult life in their community, build a strong foundation of in(ter)dependent living skills.

  • Overview
    Introduce youth to in(ter)dependent living skills, such as interacting with others, managing money and taking care of yourself.

  • Daily life
    Introduce youth to topics such as safety skills, managing a home, meals, clothing and appointments, as well as telephone use, digital literacy, recreation and leisure.

  • Community living
    Help youth understand the basics of community living, including housing and transportation.

  • Money
    Help youth understand sources of income and money management basics.

  • Healthy living
    Introduce youth to healthy living topics such as well-being, health care and benefits, relationships and more.

  • Safety
    Help youth develop skills that allow them to be safe at home and in the community.

  • Recreation
    Help youth choose how to spend their free time.

  • Advocacy and supports
    Independent living requires self-advocacy, engagement and appropriate use of informal and formal supports.

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