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Youth in Transition Toolkit:


In(ter)dependent living

Daily life

Managing appointments

Does the youth use a calendar and know how to schedule, keep track of and show up for appointments?

  • Awareness: Understand how to use a calendar and schedule to keep track of appointments.
  • Exploration: Identify personal strengths, preferences, interests and needs related to managing appointments.
  • Preparation: Practice using a calendar and scheduling and keeping track of appointments.
  • Implementation: Use a calendar and manage appointments as independently as possible.

Workplace readiness training

LEARN: Develop your knowledge

Learn how to support youth in managing appointments.

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DO: Work with youth

Find resources to help youth manage appointments.

Review 15 essential calendar management and scheduling skills from the Calendar Productivity Center to help youth manage their time more effectively. Tips include establishing a routine, color-coding the calendar, setting up reminders and more.

How to teach appointment-making from Busy Teacher helps youth build appointment-making skills. 

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