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Youth in Transition Toolkit:


In(ter)dependent living

Advocacy and supports

Civic responsibility

Does the youth understand their responsibilities as a citizen?

Civic responsibility includes mandatory duties and voluntary responsibilities. Mandatory duties include obeying the law, paying taxes, serving on a jury when summoned and registering with selective service. Voluntary responsibilities include voting, staying informed on community issues, being involved in the community, practicing tolerance and sharing resources with people who are less fortunate.

  • Awareness: Understand basic concepts related to civic responsibility.
  • Exploration: Identify personal strengths, preferences, interests and needs related to civic responsibility.
  • Preparation: Practice civic responsibility at home, school and in the community.
  • Implementation: Enact civic responsibility as independently as possible at home, school and in the community.

Instruction in self-advocacy

Lightbulb LEARN

LEARN: Develop your knowledge

Learn how to support youth in exploring civic responsibility

Explore a collection of free professional development and teaching tools from iCivics to help youth engage in civic learning. 

Resources DO

DO: Work with youth

Find resources to help youth explore civic responsibility.

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