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Youth in Transition Toolkit:

Engage families

Positive family engagement throughout the transition process improves youth outcomes.

It's important to engage families as partners and empower them with information. As you work with families, focus on these key takeaways:

  • Focus transition planning on the individual, in partnership with the family.
  • Weave transition planning into all aspects of your work with families.
  • Define transition as achieving a good quality of life.
  • Provide an individualized approach to advocacy.
  • Promote full community inclusion as the preferred option. 

The information, resources and tools in this section are designed to help you invite families into the process and engage them as a partner in their youth's transition and employment success. To receive ongoing information on fostering family engagement, sign up for PACER's family engagement newsletter.

  • Get ready
    Reframe how you view engaging with families.

  • Reach families
    Find tips and strategies to improve family outreach and communication.

  • Educate families
    Teach families the basics so they can navigate along the way.

  • Activate families
    Involve families in the process and let them know how they can help.

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